Monday, August 27, 2012

Jobs, Clark Kents, and poetry

hey guys. I know these all-word posts are pretty boring but i'll start back taking pictures soon..and getting pics off line and stuff... but for now you're just gonna be seeing these huge ARTICLES with words in all caps... So these past like 3 weeks i've been watching all the seasons of Heroes, which is only the best sci-fi show ever. but i CANCELLED!!!! television people just really don't know what they're doing sometimes. So my marathon is almost over. I've been trying to catch up with my sister who is at the end of season 3 and i'm at the end of season 2.this show really is FYE yall should watch it on netflix.

so i've been trying to get a job since the beginning of this year to no avail. I've probably completed over 30 applications already and it's just really sucky that all my friends have gotten jobs before me when i started looking before them. I think i'm have really bad luck and it sucks.

So i've been trying to write all kinds of poetry lately. I tried writing a rap for school about going to the workshops we have every week, about christianity, about sexuality, how dope i am(lol), relationships, etc. I keep coming up with the climax of the poem, but i can't seem to figure out the beginning of the poem...writing poetry, slam poetry at that, is not as easy as it sounds. I shouldnt be writing with competition in mind, but i am since i want to go to brave new voices again net year and have so much fun all over again..meeting new people and seeing old friends...well thats really all i had to shoes were hurting my feet so bad today i took them off in like 3rd period and didn't put them on after that. Even when i walked to the downtown ymca to my car. welp, bye guys...i just really need some people to talk to and i've heard that strangers give the best advise and can be the best listeners..thats why i started posting again. i feel heard.

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