Friday, November 11, 2011

Speak a Word

So I wasn't even able to post anything yesterday... :(. But spoken word went GREAT yesterday!! I finally finished this poem that I'm reading at this coming up event. It's GIGANTIC for me since this is my first year doing this and I'm already being featured in a big event. I'm so happy and EXCITED!!! It's on December 3rd, which just so happens to be the day after my uncle's birthdaay and he said he and my fave aunt might be out of town that weekend. OHHH NOOO!!! That's my favorite aunt, my support system. And the choir that I'm apart of is supposed to be having a concert on the third too. Why did everybody decide to do things on that very day and the spoken word event(State of the Word) is an all day thing so I won't be able to go to anything else that whole day, but it's worth it to me. I've always wanted to do spoken word and I've been left in awe by some of the things these teens write and I want to be apart of them. Everybody knows that I can sing, but everybody doesn't know that I can write poetry and be deep. Plus... They're going to be serving us waffles and eggs that morning!! And the people who went last year said it was really good. But I just feel like spoken word is something that I could see myself doing, not singing gospel music. That's not my goal or my path. Sorry. I just gotta try and stop pleasing other people and do what i want.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So today I knew it was going to be a little chilly so i wore some shorts with some grey striped tights and my mocs from Goodwill. I wore my olive green cami underneath a button down top and my NEW cardigan that i got from Goodwill for only 3 dollars. Everything i had on today was bought at a thrift store.
I got my daddy to take some pictures of me while we were in Walgreens. I was standing between the toilet paper and cereal... Why are they in the same isle??? I don't know!!

Giving is Better than Receiving

So I went to school today... Again. But on my way to school, while I was listening to On My Own, sung by Leah Michelle, a man stopped me and asked me for 90 cents. Now I'm a giver, so of course I gave him whatever i had (25 cents). He told me he was trying to catch his Greyhound bus and I believed him, i mean, he had some kind of papers in his hands and they looked like they said something about greyhound. And then he only asked for 90 cents... What else can you get with 90 cents??? Nothing in this day and age. Not even two little bags of chips... Not even a bottled drink... But you can get a candy bar with 90 cents. The girl that was walking in front of me had this look of disgust on her face when she heard him asking me for money. That got me to thinking...Why would you be disgusted with someone asking for money?? Why wouldn't you just give them money, whether it's going to be used for food, transportation, or drugs isn't any of our business. Helping is always the best route to take when someone is in need and is coming to you. Doesn't God loveth a cheerful giver and what if that were you someday?? Or something like that. Then how would you feel? But anywho, my OOTD pics are coming soon. And tomorrow I'm going to be a little late. I have spoken word until 5:30 and then i have a mandatory choir meeting at 6:15. So I probably won't post until around 8 or 8:30.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So i just wore some high-waisted Levi jeans(that i have fallen in love with) and this beautifully patterned top that i also LOVE and my black tux blazer with my black slippers. That purse is  a default. I will wear it everyday until it breaks down and falls apart. Hahaha. That's my backpack on my shoulders by the way.

Health is the Key

Well today I went to school... On time. After school, I went to the Downtown YMCA with my friend Rachel. I love the Downtown YMCA because it has a lot of cool machines and ways to workout, like it has a cardio theater where you can run, bike, or do the elliptical machine while watching a movie. I LOVE it!! Me and Rachel went into the cardio theater, there was no one in there, and we ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. They played Get Low, which i thought would be a movie about music or something, but it turned out to be about this old man who wanted to have a funeral party before he died. Weird much??? But back to the working out part, we ran for 30 minutes and then we stretched and left. After i was done working out, i felt so refreshed and good. That's what exercising does for you, you know? Once you start exercising and working out regularly, you start to feel good about yourself and you'll have a good attitude and you'll feel more energized. Not to mention, you look GREAT and feel great about how you look. Only good things can come from exercising, and even though it takes a real commitment, it really pays off in the end. And it's not just exercising that pays off, but also eating healthy and eating right pay off too. If you're working your BUTT out, but you're still eating all the junk under the sun, than you're not really going to see the difference. Exercise and eating healthy and just living a healthy lifestyle really go hand and hand, so you really can't have one without the other if you want to see satisfying results. Like, I'm going to just rid my life of sodas. Sodas make your stomach all FAT and BLOATED for no reason at all. Not only does it make your belly big, but it's bad for your BONES. Didn't think i was going to say that did you?? But really, the phosphorus in the sodas are really bad for your bones. Sodas are bad for your teeth too... They're just BAD all around. But I'm actually exercising to condition myself for track this year. I only want to get beter, and if i work out enough and regularly, than i should achieve my goals. Umm... I didn't wear make-up today, just because i knew i was going to the YMCA and I didn't want to have to take off my make-up, so no tips for that today. But my OOTD pics are coming in just a minute. I had my friend Rachel take the pics before we went into the YMCA.

Monday, November 7, 2011


You might not be able to see it, but those things at the top of my top are cheetahs, which is why i put my scarf on. I got those mocs at Goodwill for only $2.50 and they're really comfy. You really can't see my make-up, but my eyes look to DIE for!!
Gosh!! These pictures are kind of blurry or pixelly. My sister wasn't here to take my pictures so i had to revert to using my little brother's mirror in his room. His room want very bright so my pics for today might not be up to part.
Well that's just a close up so you could possibly see my make up... FAIL!! But you can see the cheetahs on my shirt kinda... These pics really didn't come out to well. They look a lot better on my phone though.
These are a closer look at the moccosons i got at Goodwill for two dollars.

That Darn Lipstick!!

So today i had school, since I'm in high school, i have to go to school everyday except the weekends. :( This morning, my dad woke me up and my throat was hurting a little bit, but i really just didn't want to go to school (i didn't finish my homework), so i told my dad that i was sick and if he could just take me to school late. He agreed so i took some medicine and went back to sleep and when i woke up, it was around 7. So i got ready and i was putting on my mascara and i guess i got some of it on my pinky and i touched my (white) shirt and and got mascara on my shirt!!! CRAPPP!!! Then i was putting on my (red) lipstick and fixed it with my finger and then i somehow touched my WHITE shirt... AGAINNN and got it on my shirt!! And it would NOT come out. So lesson learned: whenever you're planning on putting on make-up like lipstick, gloss, mascara, eyeliner, just any make-up that can easily get messy, then make sure you either put it on before you put on your clothing or put a towel over your clothes when you apply your make-up. Especially if you're planning on wearing something white and if you're going somewhere important or where multiple people will see you. You don't want to walk out wearing a make-up filled shirt... which is what i did just because that was my ideal outfit and i was rushing. But when i put on my make-up, i usually like to apply my eyeliner first and very dark only on the top eyelid though. I only like it like that if it's black and because my eyes are quite small. Since my eyes are so small, i like to do the little cat eye corners on the outside corners of my eyes. Talk about sexy. Lol!! But, after i put on my eyeliner, i apply my neutral shadow, very lightly, just to give my eyes that SHABANG!!! and then i put on my mascara to PUMP up the VOLUME!!! and then i put on my lipstick for that VAVAVA VOOM affect!! But im rambling... again. But my OOTD pictures are coming up. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, my sister bought me these wide-legged pants a while ago and  haven't worn them and I decided to wear them today because i was feeling.... overly fashionable today. I love this top, but it's a tad itchy around the neck and i love this blazer. I seem to be attracted to red and blue together, so I've been doing that lately. I got all of this either from a thrift store or a yard sale, except for the shoes, which you can't really see. And my sister, Angelea seems to believe that i stole this outfit from her, simply because she wore some cobalt wide-legged pants last week. I don't care what she says. I didn't steal her look, and even if i did, my look murders hers. Haha. She's just jealous. But when i got to church everyone loved my outfit, especially my grandma. She called me the glamour girl. Haha. But everyone kept calling me a model and i wouldn't be opposed to being a model, but i really either want to be an opera singer and\or a neurosurgeon... But I'm rambling. So this is my outfit. :)

Hahaha!!! I couldn't stop laughing and i would only start laughing as soon as my sister would get ready to take the picture. But i like my goofy pics.

Ya Ready for Me????!!!

Hey you guys!! This is my new blog and I'm really excited about making my name in the blogging world. I'm basically going to be talking about fashion, make-up, hairstyles, tips to making and finishing that AMAZING look, and fashion trends, and I might throw some of my spoken word, cool kid stuff in here too. :) I don't consider myself to be plus-sized, but according to Fashion, I am, so I'm going to talk about being plus-sized and fashionable. I try to take a LOT of pictures of my outfits(OOTD), so im going to put those on here for you and most to all of my clothes that i wear were bought at thrift stores or yard sales. But I'm going to get off of here so i can put up my first picture!