Sunday, August 26, 2012

Makeup for lost time/ this is for BNV

I'm sorry i haven't done one of these in like 8 months but that last semester of school was ROUGH!! i almost failed spanish...SPANISH!! that should be the class you automatically pass with an A!! but not at Hume-Fogg no no no no no they have to make it like learning chinese or something or russian or something. but that was last year... now im a JUNIOR!! UPPERCLASSMAN!!! 2014!!! WE RUN THIS!! and im takin: PreCal w/ Trig Honors, Lifetime Wellness, AP Physics B, this new AP Cambridge course, AP Lang and Comp, and US History Honors... that sounds real good and hard don't it. lol. But I'm trying to get all A's this year or at least A's and B's. I want to get a nose ring and my daddy said he'll let me get it if i make all A's this semester..that might be harder than i thought it would be but i'm up for getting what i want.

But let's get to what i really wanted to say...I went on two trips this summer. First i went to florida with the whole family...on my daddy's side...not including my great aunts and stuff...and i guess that was a fun trip other than the fact that we can NEVER live together time they wanna go on a trip they needa: 1. try to find a place actually on the beach, not an hour from it.. 2. find a hotel so each family can have its own room.. 3. go to florida for our family reunion instead of going when one of our other families is reuniting... 4. forget all the stupid plans and taco nights and salad bars.

The real trip i took this summer was to San Francisco, California to be apart of Brave New Voices 2012!!! I LOVED going to bnv. I met so many new people from all over the world that shared many things in common with me automatically for them just being there. We all wrote some type of poetry, we were creative, abstract thinkers, and we were open-minded and accepting of all races, sexualities, and religions. we come together like we were family already and made sure we knew it wasn't about the competition, it was about the poetry. I felt so close to all the poets and coaches there...except my own nashville. We were so separated it was CRAZY and DEPRESSING! I was envious of teams like Philly, New York, and Hampton Roads because they were practically in love with each other's personality. We, on the other hand, were in loathe with each other. We talked about each other behind our backs, we (they) talked about each other's poetry, we (they) talked about our coach, who has done all this work for us by himself. If it weren't for him we wouldn't have even been there in the first place...but im rambling. All i wanted to say was that i fell in love with bnv and being surrounded by like minded poets and people that related to my soul more than anything. i sorta found myself on that trip... :)

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