Saturday, December 31, 2011

Urban D.I.Y

These are the cutoffs I made earlier. The result is fantastic and I'm proud of myself.

Urban D.I.Y

Omg you guys! It's almost 2012!!! I usually go to church for 3 hours and then to my grandma's house with the reset of my family for a huge traditional sleepover, but this year everything is changing. This year, since New Years is on a Sunday and we have church at 10 am, the family isn't going to have a fun huge sleepover at my grandma's house. And since they want to change tradition, I want to change tradition. I'm not going to church with the rest of my family this year. I'm going downtown with my cool sister and cousin to watch the concert, watch them drop the ball and have a lot of fun and laughs. I've been having styler's block for the past few days, but i finally came up with a spectacular outfit for New Year's. Pics are coming very soon, but I don't want to show you guys before I wear it, so the pics might be coming with my church outfit tomorrow. I bought a lot of new clothes from URBAN OUTFITTERS and they are adorable. I also made some cut offs. They are so cute. They were these too long, high-waisted turquoise jeans that were really cute, but just way too long for me and they were a size too big. So I decided to turn them into some cut offs. First, I cut them the length that I wanted them to be. I didn't want to just make them regular shorts so then, I made cuts in them with a box cutter and frayed the bottom of them, but only on the front. I had some fabric from when I used to go over my aunt's house, who was a hatter and taught me how to sew and things. I cut the fabric into the shape of one leg on the shorts and I sewed it on there. I loved the result and, even when I washed them, they still looked wonderful. I used to wear all these studded belts because they were the style, but I don't wear them anymore so I took the studs off of the belt and put them on the shorts. My masterpiece was complete. They are simply gorgeous and cool and distressed. They are the beginning of a good thing. I have a lot of jeans that my sister bought me, but i don't like. Maybe I'll do something with them too. Pics of the shorts are coming up.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bohippian O.O.T.D

This was my outfit for Christmas Day. Since we had to go to church that day, I decided I was going to wear some of my clothes that I got for Christmas. I love these tights. They almost didn't fit, but where there's a will, there's a way. Haha. You can't really see them, but I'm wearing some black Steve Madden wedges that my sister got me for Christmas. Shereally got me everything I'm wearing, except the bracelets.
My sister got me this clutch bag and I have no idea what brand it is, but I know it's vintage and very old. It has three openings and three zippers. The zippers are all made of metal,which means the purse was made before the 60s because they started making zippers out of thylon after that.
I loved this whole outfit theentire day. This was my Bohippian outfit of the day.

Jump and Hope for the Best

Today me and Angelea decided to finally ride the bikes we got for christmas for whatever reason. Her bike doesn't have any gears so she was a little ansy about riding it up and down hills and it has petal breaks instead of handle breaks so she didn't like that aspect either. My bike has 7 different shifts and 3 different gears. I thought it would be a lot easier for me to ride my bike than it would be to ride her bike, but I was clearly proved wrong. I was completely out of breathe almost the entire bike ride and we only rode for 10 minutes around the neighborhood. But my neighborhood has soooo many freaking hills in it. And they aren't just any kind of hills. They are big, steep hils that twist and turn for no apparent reason. You can't leave my house going in any direction possible and not run into a hill. There is a big hill to thr right and my house is in the middle of a hill so to the left is a hill. There are just too many  hills for me to be trying to ride a bike through the neighborhood. I can't do it anymore. And my panties were showing, which i didn't care if there was a big, black LOL on my butt. I didn't really care about that. My butt was going to be on a bike seat anyways so why would i care? I like my panties. Haha. We haven't really done anything else today, though. I've been in my sister's room with her listening to music since we got back. I just joined So go follow me and vote on my looks!! My sister told me it's time for me to get serious about my fashion. I think she's right. I still wear awesome outfits and clothes, I just don't broadcast them anymore. I've become lazy and New Year's is coming up so i think that's going to be my "resolution" if that's what you want to call it. In the new year, I'm going to get real and serious with my fashions. Who knows what could happen? I could become this fashion icon all around the world. It could help me pay for college and medical school. Who the hell knows what could happen?? I really have nothing to lose and the worst thing that could happen is that I just don't get any exposure or publicity and even that isn't such a bad thing. I already have that. But I think it's time for me to jump and just hope for the best.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forever 15

So today my sister, Angelea, and I went to the Goodwill in Rivergate and had a really good time there. We were having great luck with finding clothes and things like that (no shoes though) and it was 99 cent day for green tags so we ended up spending about 10 dollars each. After we left Goodwill in Rivergate, we went to the Downtown YMCA and then off to Franklin to go to the Goodwill out there. Everyone says how great the Franklin Goodwill is, but i will have to disagree with them after my visit there. It wasn't a  good experience. We didn't find anything really there and we only ended up spending about 2 dollars each. When we go to the check out line, it was chaotic and unorganized. This lady in another line asked to see a fur coat hanging up on the wall and the woman that was checking us out decided to take it upon herself to get it down for her for whatever reason. And she couldn't even get that stupid coat down for her life. And then on top of that, shewas sick. So she coughed on my sister's vest and then wiped her nose and mouth with her hand before my sister gave her the card. What a nasty act. That's why I can only shop at the Rivergate Goodwill, it's the most organized and the people that shop there and work there aren't trifeling. They're nice and they smile and talk to you and they don't cough on your clothes because that's pretty darn nasty. It makes people not want to go there... unless they live there and that's the only one they can go to to get thrifted clothes. But I got a few dresses, one that I especially like and that I've been eyeing for the past 2 weeks and it's finally 99 cent green and it had a green tag so I got it without hesitaion. But we went to Cool Springs mall to Forever 21 for me to get some skinny jeans since i can't wear high waisted jeans all the time with everything. It was so PACKED the entire time we were there. It took an hour for us to get out of that place and I blame it on all the people. But overall, it was a good day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Love with a Fictional Man Mash-Up

So today my sister and I went to the movies to see Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part I and I made up my mind on what kind of guy i want to marry now. I've basically been watching a Twilight marathon for past few days and I have completely fallen in love with Robert Pattinson. I love that guy. I've really made up my mind. I sported my new combat booties and i absolutely LOVE them to death!! I had my big WILD hair and i know that when my sister and I were walking through the mall and people were looking at us that they were a tad intimidated, which I don't know why they would be. I'm a really nice person who just so happens to be very... well... fashionably young. haha. But while we were at the movies, before we went to the mall, as i was mesmerized by the man on the screen playing a teen vampire who loves a girl enough to die for her, i realized what I really and trully want in a man or boy or guy or whatever you want to call it. This might sound really weird, but i want a guy that has a mixture of other guys in him and his qualities as a man. I only put it in these words to help you visualize it a little better. So.... I want a guy that has a body like Taylor Lautner, a face as GOGEOUS as Robert Pattinson'sswagg like Yeezy (Kanye West), a voice like Bruno Mars, and who's as romantic as Edward Cullen (character from Twilight). That's the kid version. I've been thinking about that since we left the movie theater and I have fallen in love with this vision in my head. I don't discriminate so i don't really care what race he is or his religion since love has no rules. I just want someone that would love me the same way Edward Cullen loves Bella Swan in Twilight. Someone that would take a effin bullet for me and me the same for him. Ya know??? Ever dreamed of something like that?? I dream about it all of the time and I don't know if that means I'm crazy and obsessive, but I don't think so. I really don't. It just makes me a Hopeless Romantic in the simplest form. I want LOVE... So much that i dream about it in the day and think about it at night. Is something wrong with me for wanting love. Someone to love me?? But I know I've now fallen in love with a dream that only exists in my head. People sing and rap and write poems about love all the time. I could write a poem about it but that seems like it would be too typical for a romantic person to do. So I won't. I'll just think about it for right now. Am I too young for this stuff???