Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, my sister bought me these wide-legged pants a while ago and  haven't worn them and I decided to wear them today because i was feeling.... overly fashionable today. I love this top, but it's a tad itchy around the neck and i love this blazer. I seem to be attracted to red and blue together, so I've been doing that lately. I got all of this either from a thrift store or a yard sale, except for the shoes, which you can't really see. And my sister, Angelea seems to believe that i stole this outfit from her, simply because she wore some cobalt wide-legged pants last week. I don't care what she says. I didn't steal her look, and even if i did, my look murders hers. Haha. She's just jealous. But when i got to church everyone loved my outfit, especially my grandma. She called me the glamour girl. Haha. But everyone kept calling me a model and i wouldn't be opposed to being a model, but i really either want to be an opera singer and\or a neurosurgeon... But I'm rambling. So this is my outfit. :)

Hahaha!!! I couldn't stop laughing and i would only start laughing as soon as my sister would get ready to take the picture. But i like my goofy pics.

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