Friday, November 11, 2011

Speak a Word

So I wasn't even able to post anything yesterday... :(. But spoken word went GREAT yesterday!! I finally finished this poem that I'm reading at this coming up event. It's GIGANTIC for me since this is my first year doing this and I'm already being featured in a big event. I'm so happy and EXCITED!!! It's on December 3rd, which just so happens to be the day after my uncle's birthdaay and he said he and my fave aunt might be out of town that weekend. OHHH NOOO!!! That's my favorite aunt, my support system. And the choir that I'm apart of is supposed to be having a concert on the third too. Why did everybody decide to do things on that very day and the spoken word event(State of the Word) is an all day thing so I won't be able to go to anything else that whole day, but it's worth it to me. I've always wanted to do spoken word and I've been left in awe by some of the things these teens write and I want to be apart of them. Everybody knows that I can sing, but everybody doesn't know that I can write poetry and be deep. Plus... They're going to be serving us waffles and eggs that morning!! And the people who went last year said it was really good. But I just feel like spoken word is something that I could see myself doing, not singing gospel music. That's not my goal or my path. Sorry. I just gotta try and stop pleasing other people and do what i want.

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