Monday, November 7, 2011

That Darn Lipstick!!

So today i had school, since I'm in high school, i have to go to school everyday except the weekends. :( This morning, my dad woke me up and my throat was hurting a little bit, but i really just didn't want to go to school (i didn't finish my homework), so i told my dad that i was sick and if he could just take me to school late. He agreed so i took some medicine and went back to sleep and when i woke up, it was around 7. So i got ready and i was putting on my mascara and i guess i got some of it on my pinky and i touched my (white) shirt and and got mascara on my shirt!!! CRAPPP!!! Then i was putting on my (red) lipstick and fixed it with my finger and then i somehow touched my WHITE shirt... AGAINNN and got it on my shirt!! And it would NOT come out. So lesson learned: whenever you're planning on putting on make-up like lipstick, gloss, mascara, eyeliner, just any make-up that can easily get messy, then make sure you either put it on before you put on your clothing or put a towel over your clothes when you apply your make-up. Especially if you're planning on wearing something white and if you're going somewhere important or where multiple people will see you. You don't want to walk out wearing a make-up filled shirt... which is what i did just because that was my ideal outfit and i was rushing. But when i put on my make-up, i usually like to apply my eyeliner first and very dark only on the top eyelid though. I only like it like that if it's black and because my eyes are quite small. Since my eyes are so small, i like to do the little cat eye corners on the outside corners of my eyes. Talk about sexy. Lol!! But, after i put on my eyeliner, i apply my neutral shadow, very lightly, just to give my eyes that SHABANG!!! and then i put on my mascara to PUMP up the VOLUME!!! and then i put on my lipstick for that VAVAVA VOOM affect!! But im rambling... again. But my OOTD pictures are coming up. :)

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