Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Giving is Better than Receiving

So I went to school today... Again. But on my way to school, while I was listening to On My Own, sung by Leah Michelle, a man stopped me and asked me for 90 cents. Now I'm a giver, so of course I gave him whatever i had (25 cents). He told me he was trying to catch his Greyhound bus and I believed him, i mean, he had some kind of papers in his hands and they looked like they said something about greyhound. And then he only asked for 90 cents... What else can you get with 90 cents??? Nothing in this day and age. Not even two little bags of chips... Not even a bottled drink... But you can get a candy bar with 90 cents. The girl that was walking in front of me had this look of disgust on her face when she heard him asking me for money. That got me to thinking...Why would you be disgusted with someone asking for money?? Why wouldn't you just give them money, whether it's going to be used for food, transportation, or drugs isn't any of our business. Helping is always the best route to take when someone is in need and is coming to you. Doesn't God loveth a cheerful giver and what if that were you someday?? Or something like that. Then how would you feel? But anywho, my OOTD pics are coming soon. And tomorrow I'm going to be a little late. I have spoken word until 5:30 and then i have a mandatory choir meeting at 6:15. So I probably won't post until around 8 or 8:30.

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