Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Health is the Key

Well today I went to school... On time. After school, I went to the Downtown YMCA with my friend Rachel. I love the Downtown YMCA because it has a lot of cool machines and ways to workout, like it has a cardio theater where you can run, bike, or do the elliptical machine while watching a movie. I LOVE it!! Me and Rachel went into the cardio theater, there was no one in there, and we ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. They played Get Low, which i thought would be a movie about music or something, but it turned out to be about this old man who wanted to have a funeral party before he died. Weird much??? But back to the working out part, we ran for 30 minutes and then we stretched and left. After i was done working out, i felt so refreshed and good. That's what exercising does for you, you know? Once you start exercising and working out regularly, you start to feel good about yourself and you'll have a good attitude and you'll feel more energized. Not to mention, you look GREAT and feel great about how you look. Only good things can come from exercising, and even though it takes a real commitment, it really pays off in the end. And it's not just exercising that pays off, but also eating healthy and eating right pay off too. If you're working your BUTT out, but you're still eating all the junk under the sun, than you're not really going to see the difference. Exercise and eating healthy and just living a healthy lifestyle really go hand and hand, so you really can't have one without the other if you want to see satisfying results. Like, I'm going to just rid my life of sodas. Sodas make your stomach all FAT and BLOATED for no reason at all. Not only does it make your belly big, but it's bad for your BONES. Didn't think i was going to say that did you?? But really, the phosphorus in the sodas are really bad for your bones. Sodas are bad for your teeth too... They're just BAD all around. But I'm actually exercising to condition myself for track this year. I only want to get beter, and if i work out enough and regularly, than i should achieve my goals. Umm... I didn't wear make-up today, just because i knew i was going to the YMCA and I didn't want to have to take off my make-up, so no tips for that today. But my OOTD pics are coming in just a minute. I had my friend Rachel take the pics before we went into the YMCA.

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