Saturday, December 31, 2011

Urban D.I.Y

Omg you guys! It's almost 2012!!! I usually go to church for 3 hours and then to my grandma's house with the reset of my family for a huge traditional sleepover, but this year everything is changing. This year, since New Years is on a Sunday and we have church at 10 am, the family isn't going to have a fun huge sleepover at my grandma's house. And since they want to change tradition, I want to change tradition. I'm not going to church with the rest of my family this year. I'm going downtown with my cool sister and cousin to watch the concert, watch them drop the ball and have a lot of fun and laughs. I've been having styler's block for the past few days, but i finally came up with a spectacular outfit for New Year's. Pics are coming very soon, but I don't want to show you guys before I wear it, so the pics might be coming with my church outfit tomorrow. I bought a lot of new clothes from URBAN OUTFITTERS and they are adorable. I also made some cut offs. They are so cute. They were these too long, high-waisted turquoise jeans that were really cute, but just way too long for me and they were a size too big. So I decided to turn them into some cut offs. First, I cut them the length that I wanted them to be. I didn't want to just make them regular shorts so then, I made cuts in them with a box cutter and frayed the bottom of them, but only on the front. I had some fabric from when I used to go over my aunt's house, who was a hatter and taught me how to sew and things. I cut the fabric into the shape of one leg on the shorts and I sewed it on there. I loved the result and, even when I washed them, they still looked wonderful. I used to wear all these studded belts because they were the style, but I don't wear them anymore so I took the studs off of the belt and put them on the shorts. My masterpiece was complete. They are simply gorgeous and cool and distressed. They are the beginning of a good thing. I have a lot of jeans that my sister bought me, but i don't like. Maybe I'll do something with them too. Pics of the shorts are coming up.

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