Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forever 15

So today my sister, Angelea, and I went to the Goodwill in Rivergate and had a really good time there. We were having great luck with finding clothes and things like that (no shoes though) and it was 99 cent day for green tags so we ended up spending about 10 dollars each. After we left Goodwill in Rivergate, we went to the Downtown YMCA and then off to Franklin to go to the Goodwill out there. Everyone says how great the Franklin Goodwill is, but i will have to disagree with them after my visit there. It wasn't a  good experience. We didn't find anything really there and we only ended up spending about 2 dollars each. When we go to the check out line, it was chaotic and unorganized. This lady in another line asked to see a fur coat hanging up on the wall and the woman that was checking us out decided to take it upon herself to get it down for her for whatever reason. And she couldn't even get that stupid coat down for her life. And then on top of that, shewas sick. So she coughed on my sister's vest and then wiped her nose and mouth with her hand before my sister gave her the card. What a nasty act. That's why I can only shop at the Rivergate Goodwill, it's the most organized and the people that shop there and work there aren't trifeling. They're nice and they smile and talk to you and they don't cough on your clothes because that's pretty darn nasty. It makes people not want to go there... unless they live there and that's the only one they can go to to get thrifted clothes. But I got a few dresses, one that I especially like and that I've been eyeing for the past 2 weeks and it's finally 99 cent green and it had a green tag so I got it without hesitaion. But we went to Cool Springs mall to Forever 21 for me to get some skinny jeans since i can't wear high waisted jeans all the time with everything. It was so PACKED the entire time we were there. It took an hour for us to get out of that place and I blame it on all the people. But overall, it was a good day.

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