Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days of Blaze: Day 2

So, as you all know, my sister, Broke Fatshion, and I are doing a weekly thing called Days of Blaze where we wear a different blazer everyday of the week for one week and create different looks with each way we wear our blazers. Today is day two and I wore my white shorts that I got from Urban Outfitters with a sheer button down blouse that my sister got from Goodwill for me. I wore some black tights with it and my black boots that I got from Urban Outfitters. I wore this really cute blazer that I got from some thrift store a long time ago and this is the first time wearing this particular blazer and I loved it. I don't nkow what to call the designs on it, but I just think they are so cute. But today was a great day for me. I went to work out with my friend Rachel and that was great. The only downside of the day was that I was terribly tired all day today. I couldn't take 1 and a half hours of class today. I just couldn't take it. I had to get out of it. But anywho, here are the pics from today. So this is Days of Blaze so check out my sister's blog post here.
Keep checking in to Days of Blaze.


  1. Love that blazer with the silver sheer blouse super cute looking forward to see day 3.

    Broke Fatshion

  2. That jacket is great! Such cool colors.