Monday, January 9, 2012

Gracias y Rosado

Thursaday, I wore one of my blazers that my sister had gotten me on 99 cent day at Goodwill. It was a camel/tan Ralph Lauren blazer and I wore it with a pink Urban Outfitters dress that I got for only $5 during a sale. I thought that was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. \( '_'\) (/'_' )/ hahaha.  I put on some jeans from Forever 21 and my oxfords. I really want to thank the fashion bloggers that commented on my post yesterday. Your advise definitely helped me raise my chin and I love the energy that I got from the words that you left for me. And I think that it's just me being so young and school starting and dealing with homework and being broke(lol). But I was just having a bad night, i guess. But thank you guys for your kind words of wisdom and for the follows. I blog and post because I love it and I love fashion and creating great looks makes me feel good. I don't need to get anything else from it, but to look and feel good. I'm definitely going to try and stay fierce. :)
I was finally having a good day at the "shoot". \('_'\)(/'_')/
I totally forgot I wore rings and earrings. I got the silver ring from Urban Outfitters and the orange ring from Earth Bound. I love them so much. I've worn the silver ring with almost everything since I got it.

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