Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know I haven't been on in a long time, but I just had to take some time off. I had to get a few things in place in my life. I can't just spend all my time everyday posting. I have homework and it's been a HUGE load of homework this week. I needed to catch up with my work. I haven't been doing all of it, and I needed to do it. But this week was spirit week and I dressed up as a doll for monday, which was Extreme Makeover day. I thought that was the dumbest day ever since the next day was character day. Since I dressed up as a doll on makeover day, I didn't dress up as anything on character day. I wore these cute wide-leg pants that I got from Urban Outfitters. They are made with a floral print and I wore them with a sort of orange net tied crop top that I also got from Urban Outfitters. It's see through so I wore a gray cammi under it. I wore my platform booties. Even though it was a cute outfit that i loved, it was pretty cold outside in those pants. haha.

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