Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve with Sweet Home Alabama

These are the pics from New Year's Eve. I went to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert downtown with my sister and people were DRUNK and acting crazy. One guy tried to do a crowd surf thing and they dropped him and he was still going crazy after it. He knew all the words to every song they performed and went crazy for every song they sung with his friend, who was clearly drunk with him. But it was really fun and I had a GREAT time!! When they performed SWEET HOME ALABAMA I went crazy!!! My sister said I was loud and I seemed to be on a different note than everybody else. But I still had fun and love the experience I had there and the energy was awesome and I love my city more now. But I'm going to gettothese pics. I wore a deep blue velour button down top with a black and white polka dot body con skirt with sheer leopard print tights. I loved my outfit and this is what I came up with after have a total styler's bock that I just couldn't get over.
I decided since this was for New Year's, I was going to wear all the jewelry I could. I wore all my metal braceletes that I have and two of my rings that looked really good with my outfit and I switched up my makeup and made it more dramatic than it usually is. I usually wear neutral makeup. I wore some glittery black eye shadow and black eyeliner with two mascaras. And I wore my brown lipstick that looks more of deep red than brown, but I still like it.

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