Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Fasionator's Fantasy

At night, before I got to sleep
I take showers with sequince and glitter
that goes on shoes and blazers.
My earrings grow wings. Give my ears decor.
Denim blows my mind.
Blocking colors becomes my 9 to 5.
I close my eyes and become famous
A fashionator monochroming my brains out.
At night, before I go to sleep, I dream.

I wrote this today at my weekly spoken word workshop. I'm apart of southern word and we're a spoken word group. If you don't know exactly what spoken word is, it's just poetry. It's poetry, rapping, really any kind of poetry where you're speaking the truth. Not necessarily making it rhyme at the end, but it's poetry none the less. It was really short and everyone loved it, I  don't really know why, though. I'm confident in my work, it's just I didn't think was that great, so I don't know why everyone liked it. But today, it started snowing and I had to leave early so I couldn't really do the other prompt before I left, but I did write it down. And now I just have to write something for it. There's an event coming up that I really want to do. It's called Beyond the Truth and it's basically about things that you learn about the harsh world as you come of age and grow up from being a child and being told things about the world to becoming a teenager and learning things about the world. I think I'm going to write about basically having to transform into a teenager without having a mother to tell me how things are going to be and giving me advise. I'm thinking of maybe writing about going from being a very privilaged child to being a teen living with 4 otherpeople surviving on fixed income. I don't know. Whatever I write about has to be real and something personal to me that really relates to me. Wish me luck. :/

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