Sunday, January 22, 2012

Homecoming 2012

So I go to Hume-Fogg Magnet High School and last night was our Homecoming dance and I threw it everywhere. I don't want to sound like one of those people, but I love to party. I love the atmosphere and the good energy and all the fun I have at parties and with friends and everything. I'm a true junkie and fun is my drug. I had so much fun at our homecoming. Everybody was giving my school heat just because they thought homecoming was really wack and the dj was really wack. I just said i  didn't care. I went there knowing that I was going to have fun whether the music was good or not and that's what I did. I shook life at that homecoming. Hahahahaha. I threw on two different guys and just dance with one guy who I thought was really cute and he started fanning me because he could see that I was getting hot. Isn't that so sweet of him? But I think I tore that entire homecoming up. Nobody got it like me. Nobody was on my level of high at that entire dance. But anywho... I wore an ivory lace fitted dress with a high collar. I had on a multi colored tartan bowtie I saw at TJ Max and a black velvet blazer to set it off. I rocked these black floral print wedges that I got online and I had on some simple studs. My makeup was done by yours truly. I tried this new purple tattoo ink gel eyeshadow that showed up MARVELOUS! I didn't think anybody could touch me because I was on top of the world. :) So here are some pics that my sister took right before I left.

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